H&G is a streamlined business support company set up to assist companies who specialize in agricultural cultivation, manufacturing, extraction, beautification, refinement, & the wholesale & retail distribution of elite & unique specialty products. 

By letting artists be artists, & scientists be scientists, Harmony & Green is able to source best-in-class professionals & provide a vehicle for them to transition into bigger brands, alleviating them from having to navigate tax, legal, or compliance aspects of the business. 

We approach the industry differently. 

This is why, instead of a top down approach to cultivation management, H&G empowers artisans by giving them a blank canvas to perform their art, then harmonizes & replicates that art across the US efficiently & effectively, ensuring the safety & efficacy of the medicine, with the end game of providing the most beautiful client experience possible.

In a nutshell, H&G is a family of creatives, imaginers, top geneticists & master award winning growers. Together we control millions of square feet of Best-in-Class agriculture & cultivation alliances, & are collaborating to raise the standards for quality, consistency, safety & efficacy of the product nationwide.

We believe in the healing powers of plants and hope that one day they are available to all people in need of pain relief and treatment.

We are Harmony & Green.


Team H&G

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  • Producing elite quality products at scale
  • Aligned a top-talent team of executive professionals, designers, product developers, geneticists & award winning master-growers
  • Actively supporting companies in Colorado & California and soon in Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon & Maryland
  • Secured several Medicinal & Recreational Licenses for Cultivation, Manufacturing & Dispensing products in Colorado, with California and Maryland licenses pending
  • Build out & management of one of the largest grow operations in Colorado (over 100,000 square feet indoor & 2,000,000 square feet of light-deprivation & light-assisted greenhouses).
  • Acquiring companies in order to produce high-grade medicinal oil, seeds & products
  • Secured a long-term contract with a Garden Supply company for distributor cost pricing for mechanical equipment, fertilizers, and technology systems